Around Peru

Animal trafficking

The Ecological Police in Tumbes arrested Jorge Alberca Pariñas, who was found attempting to enter Ecuador illegally with a white winged turkey and five titi monkeys, species considered in danger of extinction.


Congress woman Nancy Obregon has advised that the coca erradication program may lead to violence in Tocache.

Madre de Dios

Regional president Santos Kaway Kamori will travel today to Japan to participate in a training program on public administration, paid for by the program.


Leocadia Quilla Tito, a shepherdess who was driving her animals in the Isancullo region, died when she was struck by lightning.


The river Pisco rose, wiping out 17 hectares of cotton in the region of Manrique.


The regional health authority started a fumigation program in nine army barracks to combat the spread of Dengue fever.  The program will benefit some 5,000 soldiers, and will continue over three months to cover 25,253 homes in three provinces.


Four inhabitants of the community of San Juan de Milpo were imprisoned for attacking a group of police officers assigned to provide security for the Milpo mine. In view of the tense local situation, representatives of the mining company have left the region after finding it impossible to engage in talks with the protesters over their demands.


Less than a week ago a photograph was taken of a boat arriving laden with more than 18 dismembered dolphins at one of the bays of the beach resort.

Driver killed in San Martin

A truck driver was killed in the early hours of yesterday morning on the Fernando Belaunde highway, near Moyobamba. The man was knifed and his body abandoned by unknown parties. Money, a cell phone and a national ID document were found at the scene.

Landslip blocks road to Quillabamba

A landslip that ocurred in the early hours of yesterday morning blocked the road from Cusco to Quillabamba in the Sirenachayoc region. According to highway police, the slip covered some five metres of the road.

Four highwaymen caught in Ucayali

In a joint operation organised by highway police and local self defense groups in the village of Puerto Zungaro, four men implicated in the armed robberies of five vehicles were caught. The crimes took place on the Fernando Belaunde highway in Ucayali department. The four men, aged between 21 and 42, were found in possession of weapons and 2,200 soles in cash. Under police questioning they admitted to their involvement and accused three further accomplices, who are being sought by the authorities.

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