Commision to evaluate increase in military industry

Recovery of operability in the armed forces, a manifesto aim of the present government, may include the possibility of military institutes manufacturing their own equipment.

The vice-minister of Logistical Affairs of the Ministery of Defence, Fabian Novak, stated that a special commision has been formed to evaluate the modernization of Peruvian military industry. During a seminar called by the Joint Chiefs, Novak explained that the group is working to examine possibilities including the repair of ships and aircraft, and even the production of certain weapons and munitions, as occured before the 1990s.

“It’s an issue of concern to the sector. We want to develop areas that will allow us to produce armaments at a low cost. We also want to modernise facilities for the repair of ships and aircraft,” he said.

Peruvian military industry is currently led by the Navy Industrial Service (SIMA) and by the Air Force Maintenance Service (Seman). Novak suggested that although top expert technicians and engineers exist in these centres, their capacities must be improved in order to solidify the operability of the armed forces.

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