Humala to appear before commision

The Nationalist Party leader Ollanta Humala is to appear today before the Public Ministry to give evidence in the investigation into accusations that witnesses were bought at the trial over suspected unlawful killings at the Madre Mia military base in 1992.

According to the state attorney for anti-corruption Oscar Zevallos Humala was called to be present at 9:30 this morning, along with the official Procurer of the Ministry of the Interior Jacobo Romero, who recently suggested that the ex presidential candidate intended to flee the country and to interfere with justice in the proceedings.

Humala is set to declare whether or not he was aware of supposed negotiations with Teresa Avila and Maria Sulca to change their testimony and deny the disappearences of their family members at Madre Mia, and whether he recollects going to visit them at some time at their homes. He will also have to say whether he sent them any message through third parties.

It is predicted that his appearance will last several hours due to the depth of information regarding the supposed buying of witnesses, who are now the principal accusers of retired Comandante Humala.

See the article on Ollanta Humala to find out more about the back story.

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