Human Rights Watch criticises President Garcia

Yesterday the NGO Human Rights Watch made harsh cirticisms of the stance adopted by President Garcia and his government against the recent decision of the Interamerican Human Rights Court on the massacre at the Castro Castro maximum security jail. The executive director of the Americas Division, Jose Miguel Vivanco, stressed that this and more could be expected of a regime like that of Alberto Fujimori, but not of Garcia’s Aprist government, particularly of a “governor who claims to have made changes regarding these issues”.

What is more, he questioned the use of nationalist arguments that are not “proper coming from a democrat or within a democracy”. “What the government has done is scrutinize, argue with and question the validity of the finding,” he remarked, adding that this attitude is “really objectionable” and that it would do nothing to improve Peru’s international image.

Talking to Radioprogramas, Vivanco said that the efforts of Fujimori and Garcia supporters to settle accounts with ex-president Alejandro Toledo for having cleared the path for the San Jose Court, are without precedent in the region.

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