No action against Judge Ramos

Carte Blanche — Drug cartels benefit from the actions of judges like Ramos

Carte Blanche — judges like Ramos benefit the cartels

He continues in office despite serious irregularities in favour of the accused.

The ruling of Callao confirms that he was personally responsible for the release of a suspected drug kingpin.

After ordering the release of the accused John Salazar Paredes, fingered by the police and the state attorney as kingpin of an international drug smuggling organisation, magistrate Juan Carlos Ramos Caycho is still in office in the Lima Court, as if nothing had happened.

Peru.21 has discovered that Ramos, himself named Judge by the now suspended president of the Lima Court Angel Romero Diaz, stood before the judgement of La Molina, where he ordered the release of the accused through a habeas corpus, while he was substituting for the case judge Pedro Donayre during Donayre’s vacations.

Ramos resolved the case by freeing the accused despite not being the case judge, making the decision last Monday in the knowledge that it would pass out of his jurisdiction on Tuesday.  But this is not his only questionable judgement.

Thus, after ordering the release of the man thought by police and the state attorney to be a smuggler, he went personally to the Calao Penal Judgement to make a request for excarcelation, and also went to the Sarita Colonia jail to ensure that the accused was released without any problems.

The Lima Court has still not decided whether to suspend him, although his actions have caused shock in the minstries of Justice and of the Interior, being considered scandalous by Justice Minister Maria Zavala.

Police are unaware of his current whereabouts, and his wife, also released from jail, appears to have disappeared as well. Salazar is due before the court in Callao accused of drug trafficking and money laundering on an international scale.

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