Obregon feels “threatened” by US ambassador

Nationalist congresswoman Nancy Obregon stated yesterday that she has received threats from the US ambassador in Peru, with the aim of dissuading her from her defence of the coca producers of the Apurimac and Ene valleys — regions that produce a large proportion of the illegal coca destined for cocaine production and trafficking.

“The direct threat comes from the US ambassador, it comes from that embassy, and we have to be clear,” she said, without going into detail about the nature of the threats of exhibiting any proof of their existence.

At another moment in the press conference that she held at congress, Obregon demanded that President Garcia’s government be more “sensitive” on the issue of coca erradication, and that it give producers the opportunity to hold talks and coordinate the search for a solution to the problem.

“We farmers are tired of the government’s mediocre politics, and those of the many past governments that have failed to solve the problem of drug trafficking,” she stated, later blaming the US embassy and the White House for the failure of the war on drugs in our country. “They shouldn’t aim their artillery at the most humble people. That’s not the way to solve the problem,” she claimed.

 Obregon’s strike a washout

In other news, a general strike called by Obregon in the province of Tocache for yesterday proved a near-total failure. The planned protest against coca erradication was ignored by the public and private sectors, with all activity continuing as normal — from commerce to education. Extra police officers called in to prevent violence found themselves patrolling a town where no untoward activity was reported. A group of some thirty strikers waited on the bridge at Puerto Pizana for the appearance of a speaker who seems not to have shown up.

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  1. […]  All the same, the mayor said that he is requesting that the Regional Government of Huanuco organize talks with government representatives to look for a non-violent solution. He also said that government promises regarding the plan for development in Huallaga have so far come to nothing.See yesterday’s article on Nancy Obregon. […]

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