Police sources state: the government does not fight corruption

The parliamentary spokesman for the Peruvian National Police (PNP) Juvenal Ordoñez stated yesterday that the government of Alan Garcia is only interested in appearences in the fight against corruption, as so far no drastic decisions have been made to combat a drastic problem.

“The government, so far, is making use of appearences when it comes to fighting corruption, even using ministers as scapegoats,” he afirmed. [Editor’s note: coming at this time, this reference would seem to refer to the dismissal of minister Pilar Mazzetti over a scandal involving overpayment for police patrol vehicles.]

Ordoñez also claimed that quick-wittedness rules in the present regime, suggesting that bids for official contracts are fiddled and corrupt practices must be replaced with formal, transparent ones. “We do not see anyone providing leadership in the fight against corruption,” he said.

He also attacked what he claims to be a “false austerity” [the austerity policy was a key manifesto pledge and is a popular policy of the Garcia government], while warning that the so-called “investment shock” is at the brink of failure.

“There is a false austerity. The investment shock has not worked, and it has served public spending mroe than investment. Jorge del Castillo is the one responsible for this lean advance in the issue of investment,” he claimed.

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