Three dead and five injured on the roads


An old woman walking with her daughter, who suffers from Down’s sydrome, was run over and died.

In Ventanilla a truck hit a tricycle carrying five children, one of whom was killed.

Luis Eduardo Zerda Lopez didn’t weigh up the consequences, and hit the accelerator of his pickup to make it through a traffic light as it changed. The result was tragic. An 87-year-old woman was killed and her daughter, who suffers from Down’s syndrome, left seriously injured by the violent impact caused by this thoughtless driver.

The accident ocurred yesterday at 8:46am, at the intersection of Av Garcilaso de la Vega with Jr Uruguay, in the centre of Lima. The two women were thrown some 10 metres through the air, before impacting the pavement.

The victim was identified as Consuelo Jimenez de Heredia. On seeing her dead, the driver went to help her daughter, Manuela Heredia Jimenez (47), taking her to the Arzobispo Loayza hospital. At the time of the accident, Zerda Lopez was delivering merhcandise for the taobacco company he works for. He was heading for the north of Lima, and was running behind time.

The man accepted responsibility before the police. In his statement, he confirms that the accident was caused by his ignoring the traffic lights. All the same, he pointed out that the victims were themselves crossing the road against a red light.

More accidents. Death also struck in Ventanilla. Five children who were on board a tricycle transporting cardboard boxes were hit by a truck. The accident ocurred at 10:45pm on Tuesday, at km 38 of the panamerican highway north of Lima. According to police, the tricycle was travelling in the wrong direction for its lane. Five-year-old Maria Pecho Huaman was killed by an impact to the head. Her brothers Paul (12), Felipe (10) and Juan (8) are in a critical condition, as is the tricycle driver Junior Garay (17).

What is more, in Piedra Liza another person was killed in a traffic accident involving a truck on the Via de Evitamiento, bringing the toll to three dead and five seriously injured within 24 hours.

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