China makes commitment to working with Peru in cases of illegal immigration

Beijing. China made a commitment yesterday to work with Peru to combat the illegal entry of Chinese immigrants, often as a stepping stone to the USA.

“In Peru, there are Chinese immigrants who arrived there illegally. We are undertaking an investigation with Peru. If we determine that they are Chinese citizens, the Chinese government will try the case according to the law,” said Oin Gang, spokesperson for the Ministry of Exterior Affairs.

Oin added that “if it is shown that they are Chinese citizens, we will repatriate them. In cases such as this one we follow one very important principle: first investigation, then repatriation.”

Last January, tens of Chinese lacking documents were arrested in the North of Peru on a fishing vessel sailing under the Korean flag and headed for the USA, in one of the most recent known cases of people trafficking orchestrated by the Chinese mafia in Latin America.

According to Oin, people trafficking and illegal immigration have become an extensive phenomenon all over the world, “not only in China but also in other countries.”“We advocate the strengthening of international cooperation,” said the spokesperson, who pointed out that his government “is determined” to stamp out this kind of illegal activity.

He added that “we should respond to the symptoms and to the causes,” and commented that measures put into place by
Beijing in recent years “from legislation to the education of our citizens” have had “a great effect”.

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  1. more on Korean sex slave smuggling. So much for “Homeland Security”.

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