“Coca growers no longer believe in Nancy Obregon”

Former leader of a coca grower’s movement and current mayor of Monzon [a key area in the illegal cultivation of coca for cocaine production] has refused to rule out mass protests in the Huallaga valley if the government continues its program of eradication, but he denied the importance of threats of uprising coming from congresswoman Nancy Obregon and Andean Parliament member Elsa Malpartida, saying “nobody believes in them any more”.

When it comes to those treacherous women, who’s going to rise up? As their reputations have taken so many knocks, because they’ve done nothing for the peasants, the people are organizing themselves their own way,” he told Peru.21.

 All the same, the mayor said that he is requesting that the Regional Government of Huanuco organize talks with government representatives to look for a non-violent solution. He also said that government promises regarding the plan for development in Huallaga have so far come to nothing.

See yesterday’s article on Nancy Obregon.

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