Cocaine leaves Peru through the North Coast


The chairman of the National Commission for Development and Life without Drugs (Devida) Rómulo Pizarro Tomasio revealed that the North Coast is the principal point of exit of cocaine from
Peru, with some 80% being transferred from there through ports and small coves.

Due to this alarming statistic the President of the Regional Government of Lambayeque, Yehudi Simon formed an agreement with Pizarro to work jointly in forming a plan to fight narcotics. Pizarro stated that the main concern of Devida and the State is that of facing the challenges involved in keeping to the National Strategy for the Fight against Drugs 2007-11. “We have to improve the work of the national police in seizing drugs, and to implement laws against the traffic of precursor chemical [used in drug manufacture and refinement]” he told journalists.

He explained that in 2006 just 2% of precursor chemicals were seized – “that means that 98% made it freely into the zones where narcotics are produced,” he said. He added that the relevant laws have been implemented, but that certain changes and adjustments are necessary to make them effective.  

All the same, he made clear that other actions must be taken by local governments, such as restricting sale of alcohol to the underaged. “Currently, anyone can get hold of these legal drugs,” he warned.

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