Mudslide wipes out homes near the Mt Ubinas Volcano


Mount Ubinas — archive photo 

A torrent of mud and stones yesterday wiped out eight modules of homes and left another 20 flooded  in the
village of Chagechajén, where those left homeless by the eruption of Mount Ubinas (Moquegua,
Southern Peru) were relocated.

The justice of the peace of Ubinas, Cleofé Dueñas Quistitúpac, sent out the alert through the Andina agency that other modules made of metal had been destroyed, along with the advance store that houses the National Institute of Civil Defense (Indeci) supplies for the zone, containing food and warm clothing.

The emergency occurred after an intense thunderstorm. No casualties have been reported, but there was heavy loss of crops in the Andean valleys in the zones of Ubinas, Matalaque, Sacoaya, Watagua and others.

After this new blow from nature, the regional director of civil defense José Fuentes Flores stated that a brigade had set off for Chagechajén to evaluate the damage.

Off the grid. Governor of Ubinas Antonio Maldonado informed press this Thursday that the towns of Chagechajén, Ubinas and Matalaque have been left without communications.He also revealed that between 20 and 25 families evacuated from Ubinas remain in Chagechajén, and that the municipal government has already sent heavy equipment to the zone to reopen the access roads.

It is worth bearing in mind that in 2006 some 470 families from several villages around Mt Ubinas were relocated to Chagechajén due to the danger brought about by the volcano’s activity. However, a week ago 85% of them chose to return to their homes, citing a lack of support.

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