Police arrest four drug mules at Lima airport

Police officers of the counter-narcotics division of the Peruvian National Police assigned to Lima’s Jorge Chavez International Airport have seized more than three kilos of refined cocaine, as a result of the detention of four people who were attempting to smuggle it abroad.

Two of the detainees were spotted acting in a suspicious way, and transferred to police installations at the air terminal. When their baggage was searched, one was found to possess a bottle containing 2310 grams of pure cocaine, while the other’s bag contained a wooden package containing 1020 grams. They had also swallowed capsules containing the drug, which they were planning to transport to Brazil.

Another man fitting the profile of a “drug mule” was transferred to the San José hospital, where it was found that he had ingested an undetermined number of capsules containing cocaine.

Finally, a fourth man was stopped as he checked in for a flight to Sao Paolo. When he became extremely agitated, he too was transferred to the hospital where it was found that he had swallowed drug capsules. 

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