US plans to recover lost agenda with Latin America visits

US President George W Bush embarks today on a tour through several countries in Latin America in a bid to “recover the agenda lost on 9/11,” according to Chancellor José Antonio García Belaúnde.

“This is to recover the agenda that was lost on September 11th. That date altered the whole foreign agenda of the Bush administration, Latin America dropped off the radar, so to speak, and in a sense only the issue of the free trade agreements remained” said Belaúnde in declarations before Efe in

The chancellor welcomed this move by Washington to “recover an initiative for the region. It’s a good thing at the right time. I’m in no way opposed to developing good relations with the USA” he added.

García Belaúnde is in Madrid on an official visit, where on Wednesday he was received by King Juan Carlos and talked with the Spanish minister of Exterior Affairs, Miguel Ángel Moratinos, who offered a lunch in his honor.

The US President arrives in Brazil today as the first step on a tour through Latin America, with further visits planned to Uruguay, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico.

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