Accusations of violence and contract-killing in construction trade union


Mario Huamán, who accuses an ex-colleague of ordering violnce, intimidation and murder

Mario Huamán, General Secretary of the Civil Construction Trade Union, has let it be understood that the union’s ex-chairman Vicente Aponte paid a hit man 10,000 soles to kill a man who had worked for him as a security agent.

Mario Huamán showed press a video in which a man identified as Edwin Antonio Penedo Gómez, alias “Guinea-pig Face”, confesses that he killed José Luis Castañeda Astete, alias “Plaster Face”. Castañeda had been a member of the security team for Vicente Aponte, who supposedly ordered the killing.

In the video, given to journalists yesterday afternoon and in which the audio track is not clear, the killer confesses to the crime during a police interview after having been arrested.

Mario Huamán said that he now retains police bodyguards after receiving death threats from an accomplice of Aponte, in an attempt to silence him regarding acts of violence that the ex-chairman is said to have ordered on construction sites.

Mario Huamán also stated that the union has opened proceedings against three of its members regarding this supposed violence.

Scooped from RPP Noticias

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