Police to investigate Jiménez


Police attached to the Public Ministry will next week interrogate the ex-chief of the prison service (INPE), Benedicto Jiménez Baca. Jiménez will be called upon to explain suspected irregularities in purchases and contracts that he entered into during his 31 days in the post.

Jiménez, an ex-colonel of the national police and the man credited for the capture of Shining Path leader Abimael Guzmán, will have to make clear whether he recommended friends and supporters for consultation contracts and high-ranking positions in the prison service.

He will also be asked whether or not he used an INPE official vehicle to run personal errands and to transport family members. This aspect of the investigation extends to his wife, who has been implicated in the extra-official use of the Ford Expedition vehicle – a model that is unnecessarily expensive for the state due to its very poor fuel consumption.

Anti-corruption public prosecutor Jorge Chávez Cotrina told press that this will be a preliminary investigation intended to find out whether Jiménez or INPE colleagues were in any way responsible for irregularities. If it is found that there is evidence of willful misconduct, the prosecutor will instigate a definitive investigation to decide whether to make an official accusation in courts of law.

Retired police comandante José Lavalle Santa Cruz will be in charge of the preliminary investigation. We are told that he is currently reviewing documents said to contain evidence of the irregularities, including the hiring of members of the Jiménez entourage. The investigation is programmed to last 20 days.

The ex INPE chief is also under investigation for the more serious charges of having supposedly sent an email to convicted narcotics kingpin and former airline owner Fernando Cevallos, containing classified information about undercover police officers investigating him.

Scooped from Peru.21

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