Dispute over local government escalates, leading to death in grenade attack

A confrontation between supporters and the opposition of the Mayor of Campanilla lead to the use of a military hand grenade that left one dead and one injured.

Emerson Fatama Isuiza (50) died shortly after arrival at the local health center, where he was driven after the weapon detonated. A 24-year-old man was also taken there with serious injuries. Both victims were members of the mayor’s Nueva Amazonía party.

The confrontation occurred at midday on Thursday, when Nueva Amazonía members tried to break a picket line of some 100 people, who have been preventing the mayor from entering the municipal building for two months. The protesters opposed the election result, which they claim favored mayor Puelles Olivera only because of voters who moved into the district simply in order to vote for him.

Juanjuí police chief Major Manuel Collantes told reporters that the locals had been fighting with sticks and stones in the main square when the fragmentation grenade was detonated.

The mayor stated that he has been unable to enter his offices since he was elected. At the moment he works from an office three blocks away from the municipal buildings. Regional president César Villanueva Arévalo called on the Ministry of the Interior to impose order, claiming that it was not acceptable that the mayor be kept out of his offices and that local government has had to be suspended.

Scooped from El Comercio

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