In brief…

Air quality

Air pollution has been found to exist at more than double acceptable levels on Av. Abancay in Lima and in the city of Chiclayo, on the North Coast.

Drive by shooting

A 46-year-old man was shot dead in the early hours of yesterday morning in La Victoria, Greater Lima.  José Próspero Urbina, aka “The Man from Piura” was shot three times and died instantly in what police suspect was a settling of scores. Those who were with Próspero at the time were unwilling to cooperate with police.

Harmful merchandise

Two million contraband pencils containing dangerous levels of lead, zinc and chromium have been seized by police. The shipment was found on a bus when it was inspected at the Pucusana control point. The vehicle’s eight occupants were arrested.

Rapid response

Two inmates of the Maranguita Juvenile Rehabilitation Centre in Lima escaped yesterday morning but were recaptured by police when they attempted to flee to the city’s beach. The two eighteen-year-olds have been held there for three years after being found guilty of a number of offences.

Scooped from El Comercio

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