Life sentence requested for terrorist leader


Victor Polay, convicted terrorist leader

The Public Ministry requested on Friday that Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) founder and leader Víctor Polay be given a life sentence after being found guilty of the crime of terrorism against the state. Polay has been imprisoned in the Naval Base in Callao since 1992.

According to the RPP news network, Avelino Guillén, head of the second supreme penal attorneys’ office, requested that the 32-year sentence given to Polay in 2006 be annulled. The same request was made in the cases of MRTA second-in-command Miguel Rincón Rincón and y Lucero Cumpa, another key figure in the guerrilla movement – both had also received 32-year sentences. For lower-ranking insurgents Peter Cárdenas and Alberto Gálvez Olaechea he requested 25 years in prison each.

Finally, Guillén stated that the five MRTA members should make payments of 50-70 million soles in civil reparation.

American Lori Berenson is currently serving a 20-year sentence in Huacariz prison, after being found guilty of collaboration with the MRTA. Her family claim that this is an injustice, and continue a legal and political battle for her release.

Adapted from Peru.21, with additional original material

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