Lifeguards have saved 772 swimmers so far this summer

The lifeguard unit of the Peruvian National Police informed press that it has participated in the rescue of 772 swimmers so far this summer on the beaches of Lima and Callao.

Sources stated that 867 and 230 of those rescued were elderly men and women respectively, and 490 and 185 were underage males and females.

[Editor’s note: the math doesn’t quite work out here…]

The unit  also told press that three people lost their lives and 14 have been reported missing.

Lifeguards use equipment including surfboards, speedboats, and jet skis in order to maintain such a strong record in saving those in difficulties in Lima’s notoriously cold and undertow-affected seas. The professionalism and physical condition of the officers themselves are also key factors, showing their high level of training and preparation.

According to officers, most of the rescues that they perform are due to swimmers finding themselves in trouble after entering the water against official advice. In many cases drugs and alcohol are also a factor, and lifeguards urge bathers to make sure that they know the meanings of the flags used to warn of dangerous conditions.

Adapted from RPP Noticias

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