Man dies after two traffic accidents within four blocks

A man of roughly 60 died on Friday when the ambulance that was taking him to a nearby hospital was hit by a school bus. The events took place on block 8 of Av Brasil in Jesús María.

The victim, who has yet to be identified, seems to have been seriously injured in a traffic accident minutes before at block 12 of Brasil, and was being taken to the Edgardo Rebagliati Martins hospital in an ambulance run by the fire department.

It seems that the ambulance had traveled just a few blocks when it was hit, according to witnesses, by a school bus. The gurney on which the elderly man was being transported was thrown from the vehicle and landed heavily on the street. He died minutes later.

Three firefighter-paramedics were also injured in the crash and were transferred to the Loayza hospital for tests, according to fire chief Ricardo Cajo.

Adapted from Peru.21

See also: Thursday’s article on road accidents in Lima

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