US Trade Ambassador to visit Lima next week


Ambassador John K Veroneau 

Deputy US Trade Representative the Ambassador John K. Veroneau will arrive in Lima next Monday to resolve doubts regarding the Free Trade Agreement signed by both countries, as the US Embassy in Lima told press yesterday.

Veroneau will hold talks with representatives from the private, labor and environmental sectors, addressing the issues that are causing most controversy in the US senate as it debates the ratification of the agreement.The embassy added that this will be Veroneau’s first trip to Peru, and that his tour will also include Colombia and Panama.

The ratification of the free trade agreements with Peru and Colombia is a pending issue before the US Congress, while a similar agreement with Panama is also on the table.

One of the criticisms of the agreement with Peru that has been put forward by Congress concerns work rules concerning trade unions and the environmental management of the private sector in the exploitation of Peru’s natural resources.

Peruvian Labor Minister Susana Pinilla postponed her official visit to the USA last week, where she was planning to discuss labor law, so as to be in Lima to receive Ambassador Veroneau.

The Peruvian president himself, Alan García, plans to visit Washington accompanied by a delegation of ministers, in a move to accelerate debate on the FTA with Peru in the US Congress.Ambassador Veroneau is in charge of commercial relations with Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East, as well as affairs connected with the World Trade Organization.

He also oversees functional dependencies of the Office of the Trade Representative which deal with intellectual property, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, services and market access.

Scooped from Peru.21

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