Visas granted to father and sister of Peruvian child dying of cancer in Spain

The Spanish consulate has granted visas for the father and sister of a Peruvian child suffering from terminal cancer in a hospital in Barcelona, according to consul Javier García de Viedma.

García de Viedma said that the father’s visa was granted on February 28th for humanitarian reasons, but that at that time the visa application made for the child’s 12-year-old sister was rejected. The visa was granted yesterday after the intervention of several institutions and the Peruvian Consulate in Spain.

The consul made clear that the attitude of the Spanish authorities has been generous, and that he wishes the family a safe return once this critical period is over.María Valdez had traveled to Spain with her young son last December. The child suffers from bone cancer and had had a leg amputated, so needed to visit Spain to have a prosthesis made.

Once in Barcelona, the boy suffered a metastasis and the cancer passed into its terminal phase. His mother complained through the media that her husband had been denied a visa, even though his only wish is for the family to be together during this difficult time.

He promised to return to Peru.

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