Catacaos to hold Holy Week food festival

The local government of Catacaos, a town just outside the city of Piura that is known for its handicrafts, will hold a holy week festival of traditional local foods starting on March 30th. Women’s clubs, people’s dining halls and restaurants will be competing for prizes and prestige as they go head to head in cooking competitions.

“Mala rabia” (“bad rage”) is the traditional dish of Catacaos, and gives its name to the festival. It is made from mashed bananas, cheese, olives, rice, beans, and steamed fish.The Mala Rabia festival will form part of Catacaos’ celebrations for Holy Week, which runs from March 30th to April 11th this year.

Ayacucho is most famed for its spectacular Holy Week celebrations, which send hotel prices soaring as Peruvians and foreigners flock to visit. The flower carpets that deck the streets of Tarma at the same time also attract crowds of tourists.


Holy Week in Ayacucho

Article scooped from El Comercio, with additional original material

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