Crime against tourists drops 24%

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Tourist police have told press that reported violent crime against tourists in Lima during January and February was down 24% against last year. The drop is from 95 to 72 cases reported.

Helder Soto, head of the tourist and ecological department of the Peruvian National Police, told Andina that most assaults and muggings occur in the historic centre of Lima and the districts of Barranco, Miraflores and San Isisdro, due mainly to these being the areas most frequented by tourists.

He said that the reduction is due to increases in police patrolling both on foot and in vehicles in tourist zones and at key times of day, as well as intelligence work on the part of his department.Most reports are for theft of digital and video cameras as well as watches, electronic, hand luggage, etcetera. In many cases the stolen goods have been recovered and returned to their owners.

Soto recommends that foreign visitors in Lima make a note of the number plates of taxis that they use, do not carry large quantities of money or very expensive items when not strictly necessary, and avoid talking to srangers of the opposite sex.

He also reminded tourists that the Tourism Police are always available on 460-1060, and that English-speaking officers are on hand.

Scooped from El Comercio

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