Peru through to the next stage in South American Under 17 football cup


After making it through more than 90 minutes of play in Ecuador, the Peruvian team scored against the home team in the golden goal phase of yesterday’s game. In this way Juan José Oré’s boys have become the first team to qualify for the final stage of the South American under 17 football cup. Furthermore, this result guarantees them a place in the Panamerican games in Brazil.

While Ecuador dominated the game, their goal never came and now the hosts have to defend themselves against the Brazilian eleven if they are to make the playoff.

Peru beat Brazil 2-1 in their first match of the tournament, took Bolivia apart in a 4-1 rout, and then lost 3-1 to
Chile. They hoped to pick up their standard of play after the Brazil match, but the improvement never materialized.
All the same, they are now through to the final round.

The Peruvian team will not have to play in the last set of matches in this round. The South American tournament will decide which four teams will make the Under 17 World Cup in South Korea, and which four will gain automatic places at the Panamerican in Brazil.

Scooped from Peru.21

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