UN putting together $1 million aid package to fight bureaucracy and corruption in Peru

The UN has told press it will put together an aid package worth up to a million dollars to improve Peru’s system of state purchases, through technical help in finding mechanisms to make corruption impossible.  “We believe that a great deal of talent exists in Peru to improve this system, and over the coming days we will determine specific process for the cases where support has been requested,” said Jorge Chediek, the UN Systems coordinator for Peru. “Our mandate as the United Nations is to help countries to find the best ways to govern themselves,” he added. 

He further suggested that corruption was not the only problem, but that the atmosphere of “maximum distrust” that governs contracts leads to an impenetrable tangle of bureaucracy.  Chediek said that Peru could learn from the experiences of Chile, Uruguay and Mexico, where purchasing procedures are among the most effective in
Latin America after recent modernizations.

Edited from Andina

See also Health Ministry purchases to be supervised by international bodies and “It stinks of corruption” from previous editions of the Bean.

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