Congressman’s brother levels allegations


“My brother is sick. He talks and extorts, asking for money,” replied congressman José Macedo Sánchez (51), faced with serious allegations made by his elder brother Manuel (53). Manuel Mancedo accuses his brother tried to have him killed in 1990, in an attack that left him with five bullet wounds puncturing his liver, intestines and kidney. 

In declarations to current affairs TV show Panorama, he said that he had been able to identify one of his assailants when he saw him during his brother’s 2006 electoral campaign. The man in question is ex-police officer Enrique del Castillo Pacheco, who was discharged from the Peruvian National Police force for disciplinary problems. Manuel claims that he was attacked because he knew too much about his brother’s past links with terrorist organizations. He claims that when José, a cardiologist by profession, was director of the Yarinacochas Hospital (1998) he gave medicines, food and other supplies to insurgents. He even said that his brother hid wounded MRTA guerrillas in the bathrooms during surprise visits by military and police authorities, stole and sold hospital supplies and otherwise benefited from corruption. 

“He is a terrorist, he is a criminal, and he cannot deny it because he did it all with me”, said Manuel Macedo.  José Macedo denies involvement in his brother’s attempted murder, saying that he was studying in Lima at the time. 

Manuel Macedo also claims that his brother killed the front runner in the city elections in Pucallpa, sent to do so by now congressman and ex-mayor Lucio Avenzur – man who has himself been accused of corruption, intimidation, and strong links to drug trafficking. Manuel further states that his brother was the personal doctor for the current mayor of Pucallpa Luis Valdés Villacorta, who has been officially accused of leading an international drug smuggling network and implicated in the murder of a journalist who was investigating his activities. 

It is worth pointing out that Manuel Mancedo tried to suppress reports stating that he had retracted his accusation and even had threatened to accuse journalists of offering him money to accuse his brother.  Congressman Macedo denied having treated terrorists during his time at Yarinacochas Hospital, stating that a doctor’s job is to save lives. He added that his brother often demands money with menaces and, when given it, then apologizes.   The congressman tried to persuade reporters not to publish their reports, saying that the law should rule on his guilt, and calling the accusations against him an attempt to end his political career. Scooped from RPP Noticias

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