Expressway to close for works in May

Lima’s expressway will start to undergo a radical transformation starting in May. The old bus stops will be replaced with modern terminals constructed in the middle of the road, and the public transport lanes will be expanded in some sections.

According to Armando Molina, a transport consultant to the mayor of Lima, the works will begin in 45 days, and will reach from the Plaza Grau in the center of Lima to the Ovalo Balta in Barranco. And where will traffic be diverted while the expressway is closed? Molina said that a plan will be explained later.

He did say that roads including Av. Petit Thouars, Av. Arequipa, Av. Iquitos and Av. Arenales will be used as reserve routes. Transit along the Manco Cápac-México viaduct will also increase to take up the expressway’s load.Phase two of this plan, extending from the Ovalo Balta to the Curva de Villa (Chorillas), will start in three months.

The aim is to prepare Lima’s infrastructure for the new Metropolitano public transport system.

Edited from Peru.21

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