Lima meteorologists largely useless, but no chance of unexpected weather

The Peruvian weather service Senamhi predicts that
Lima will experience slightly cooler nights over the coming week, as autumn approaches.
  Senamhi expert Raquel Loayza said that “we’re now seeing maximum temperatures at 25 or 25.7°C – no more of those 27° or 28° days that we’ve been having in the past few weeks. We’re entering into the season of change, and temperatures will carry on dropping.” 

She also warned that night time minimums during this time of worryingly changeable weather may drop from 20.7°C to a chilling 20°C, particularly in parts of the city located near the sea – clear evidence that summer is at an end. 

“We are now seeing the sky partially covered with light cloud cover, and experiencing greater humidity in the morning and evening. But at times we may carry on seeing some sunshine,” said the top government meteorologist, at the same time stating that one could not rule out the possibility of light rain.

Translated from Andina, with added sarcasm as a Bean exclusive

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