New boulevard in Lima’s historic centre

The Municipality of Lima has converted block 1 of Jirón Carabaya, next to the Palacio de Gobierno, the Casa del Oídor and the long-established restaurant Cordano, into an attractive boulevard for the benefit of the many tourists who visit the zone each day.

The sidewalks have been widened, bollards have been installed, and granite slabs have been placed at the corners. There are also now wheelchair ramps to help the disabled.

Ornamental, colonial-style lamp posts have improved both night-time illumination and the general look of the region, close to the improved section of Jirón Ancash.

The key beneficiaries will be the tourists who frequent this part of Lima, which is on the way between such popular sites as the San Francisco catacombs and the Parque de la Muralla. A spokesman from the municipal offices said that mayor Luis Castañeda plans to invest in the Historic Centre through a series of public works initiatives, such as the renovation of the colonial mansions that form part of Peru’s national heritage, as well as resurfacing roads and constructing sidewalks.

 Adapted from Andina

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