Peruvians employed in Iraq are “not involved in armed conflict”

Carlos Oliva, a Peruvian who words in security in Iraq, has confirmed that the 600 Peruvians who have gone to Iraq for the financial benefits of security work are employed to protect people and installations, without participating in armed conflict. 

He stated that before traveling to Iraq they were given a course to become members of the “United States security force in
Baghdad”, where they provide security for the construction of the new US Embassy.

He also denied that the Peruvians are forced to live in subhuman conditions, saying that they are given good food and even access to a leisure centre, all provided by Triple Canopi, the security company contracted by the US State Department that came to Peru to recruit employees. 

He said that they are paid US$1000 per month, getting $100 paid to them in Baghdad and with the remaining $900 deposited in

While none of the Peruvians has died as a result of the work, they are also provided with life insurance as part of the contract. 

Oliva thought it positive that it is illegal to contract mercenaries, people who take part in armed conflict for their own financial gain.

Scooped from RPP Noticias

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