“See to Read” a success in Ayacucho

Some 30% of a total of 1,780 illiterate people being helped by the pilot “See to Read” (“Ver para leer”)  program in Pacaycasa, Ayacucho, suffered from visual or hearing problems. Most of them, men and women of over 60, were receiving professional medical attention for the first time in the lives.

The program is a joint venture between the Arzobispo Loayza Hospital, the Ministry of Educationand the National Program of Mobilization for Literacy (Pronama), and was started when educators realized that many people were being held back from learning to read by eyesight or hearing problems.

In this part of Ayacucho department there are 59 literacy workshops with ten people in each, most of them women. The program has been hailed as an important step in getting quality healthcare to the extremely poor.

The program’s head doctor explained that most of those diagnosed suffered from serious visual problems such as cataract, and all were treated at no cost whatsoever at the Arzobispo Loayza Hospital in Ayacucho. A local medical post and mobile operating theater were also set up, so minor interventions were performed on site.

The See to Read program started in Pacaycasa last Thursday with the aim of giving away 600 pairs of prescription eyeglasses to illiterate people who needed them, but thanks to the help of public and private bodies it has become a campaign for general medicine and distribution of free medication. Its key goal is still to ensure that those benefited can easily stay with the literacy program.

Adapted from Andina

See also Ministry of Education to hand out free glasses in the fight against illiteracy from Friday’s edition of the Bean.

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