Slimming doctor to fight fine


Diet drug sibutramine 

Doctor César Olaya Sánchez insisted yesterday that his medical center (“slim down Peru”) would neither close nor pay the 34,500 sol fine imposed by state consumer protection body Indecopi, saying that his lawyers were making an appeal and that the process was not yet over.

Olaya was sanctioned for prescribing and selling Sibutramine and Tiratricol without the corresponding labeling, according to the Peruvian Association for Users and Consumers (Aspec).

The doctor admitted that he had “previously” offered these drugs unlabelled, but claimed that he had stopped doing so a year ago. Talking about the side effects that they can cause, he said that “every medicine” has side effects and that they should therefore only be prescribed by doctors.

He also claims to have received phone calls threatening to shut down his clinic.

Aspec made the official accusation against Olaya after receiving a number of complaints from patients who had experienced various adverse effects after taking “yellow” and “green” pills without knowing what they contained.

Scooped from Andina

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