Ubinas volcano activity seems to be decreasing


Government vulcanologist Marco Rivera told press on Sunday that the Ubinas volcano in Moquegua, which has lately caused anxiety through a series of minor eruptions, has shown a “considerable” decrease in activity over the past six months. “[The volcano is] currently emitting low levels of ash and gases which reach no higher than 800m above its peak, and the incidence of explosions has dropped,” he told the Andina agency. 

The scientist estimated that if this trend towards lower activity continues, there will be enough data available by the middle of the year to determine what is likely to happen regarding Ubinas in the future. All the same, he warned that for now the danger remains, as “for the moment we cannot say what will happen, we have to wait and see. Activity could drop but then increase again, at the moment we do not know.” 

Rivera and other specialists from the national geological institute have been monitoring Peru’s active and dormant volcanoes, which are all located in the south of the country, from a base in the city of Arequipa.

Scooped from El Comercio

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