Madre Mía investigation moves into new phase


The Public Ministry has now concluded its investigations into the “Madre Mía” case, and at the end of the month will issue its findings and decide whether criminal proceedings are warranted. The case revolves around accusations that opposition leader Ollanta Humala bought witnesses in the human rights trial over suspected disappearances at the Madre Mía counter-terrorist base in 1992.

Appellants Teresa Avila and Maria Sullca accused a supposed accomplice of offering them US$20,000 on Humala’s behalf, in exchange for changing their testimony over the disappearance of close family members.The man they fingered as a go-between is the cousin of a member of Humala’s retinue.

The ex presidential candidate is under investigation by the Fourth Supra-Provincial Court for crimes against humanity, forced disappearance, murder, assault, and human rights abuses. He appeared before the commission on Thursday, denying all counts and claiming that the accusations were politically motivated.

The state prosecutor in charge has publicly assured him that the proceedings will be “impartial and just”, and will be seen by all to adhere strictly to due process.

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