Violence may be imminent near Lake Titicaca

Fortunato Calli Incacutipa, governor of the district of Ilave on the shores of Lake Titicaca, has warned that Aymara peasants in communities of his jurisdiction have refused to accept the appointment of his replacement. He claims that violence could break out at any time.

The discontent arose when the Ministry of the Interior appointed Alfredo Valdez, a militant supporter of President Garcia’s Apra party; the lieutenant governors proposed a candidate selected from a shortlist that they had drawn up.

“If the government does not listen to the demands of the lieutenant governors, there could be confrontations. We already know how the Aymara react when something that goes against their customs is imposed upon them,” said mayor Calli Incacutipa.

The local Aymara people won various rights during talks to cease several days of violence that followed the lynching of mayor Cirilo Robles in April 2003. One of these rights is the selection of the governor of Ilave from a shortlist proposed by consensus among the community authorities.

Ilave lies on the main Tititcaca coast highway, between Puno and the Bolivian border.

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  1. UPDATE:

    The governor in question has now been removed from office, and the danger of violence is therefore reduced. The new governor has yet to be named.

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