Churchman criticizes Obregón and Malpartida


Monseñor Luis Bambarén today called on politicians Nancy Obregón and Elsa Malpartida to stop inciting protests among coca growers.

The emeritus bishop of Chimbote maintained that recent events in Tocache have shown once again that violence is not the solution to any problem. “What most attracts the attention is that two Congress members are the architects of such acts,” he said to the Andina agency.

Bambarén said that it is unacceptable that the politicians hinder the coca eradication policy as, he said, the produce of these illegal plantations goes directly to cocaine production.

At least 92% of coca leaf grown in Peru ends up in the illegal trade, rather than for use as traditional chewing coca or in the manufacture of coca tea.

For this reason, the clergyman called on Obregón and Malpartida to abandon this path and leave confrontations aside. “I make a call [to them] to distance themselves from all acts of violence. The job of the police is to keep watch over order and safety, and the congresswomen should respect the paths of dialogue and solution instead of promoting violence,” he said.

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