Ethics Commission investigation into party congressmen over

At the end of the session of the Congressional Ethics Commission, the work group’s president Luis Galarreta said that investigations into the actions of two congressmen, accused of misbehavior on an official trip to Brazil, were basically over.

Galarreta said that he considered the questions clear and said that the termination of proceedings was not due to any lack of trust in Congressman Torres Caro, although he had offered his computer for examination only after reformatting the hard disk.

Galarreta made clear that the key issues were the supposed misuse of public funds for official journeys, the behavior of congressmen and damaging the image of Congress. He explained that there is still no final decision on the case, and there are a few remaining questions regarding the expenses of one of the congressmen involved.

All the same, he did make clear that there is no document that proves that alcohol was consumed or that any unofficial activity was entered into. He suggested that, in the interests of open government, the travel expenses of the congressmen involved be made public.

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