Fujimori to face further questioning in Chile


The anti-corruption state prosecutors of Peru have sent three requests to the supreme court of Chile, requesting that they question ex-dictator Alberto Fujimori. Fujimori is currently forbidden from leaving Chile as proceedings continue for his extradition to Peru, to face charges related to ten counts of corruption and two of human rights abuses that he is accused of committing during his 1990-2000 presidency.

One of the requests is associated with Fujimori’s former spy chief and right-hand-man Vladimiro Montesinos, who is currently imprisoned in Peru for acts perpetrated under the ex-president’s regime.In these three cases, it is likely that the requests will be approved and that Fujimori will face further questioning.

The former president and dictator has been in Chile since his arrest there in November 2005, when he was attempting to return to Peru to stand for President in the 2006 elections. He had previously been in voluntary exile in Japan since 2000, when he sent a fax from his home in Tokyo to the Peruvian embassy there resigning from power. As a Japanese citizen, he was immune from extradition while in Japan.

Lawyers believe that the extradition proceedings will last until September or October.

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