Interior Minister hopes to solve Tocache problem


Interior minister Luis Alva Castro has announced the formation of two commissions to find integrated and permanent solutions to the coca problem in Tocache, where growers of the leaf are engaged in strikes and violent protests against the government’s counter narcotics eradication program. He also said that the roadblocks have been lifted and the area is now returning to normal.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, Alva Castro visited Tocache on Tuesday morning and held a meeting with the local mayor, David Bazán. He also ratified the coca growers’ willingness to hold talks.

“We’ve come aiming to start a dialogue, as violence does not solve anything,” said the minister, referring to the protests taking place in the province. “Flying over the region, we have confirmed that the road blocks have been dismantled and that vehicles are passing freely,” he confirmed.

With regard to the problem of the coca growers, he announced the formation of two new commissions. One will be based at a Dialogue Table in Tocache and be set up to elaborate multi-sectoral proposals, while the other will travel to
Lima to ensure the approval of new legislation.

All sectors have made commitments in the matter that we have to resolve; and the national government is here to guarantee that talks begin,” Alva Castro assured journalists.He further stated that both commissions will be called upon to find more integrated and permanent solutions that take in the coca grower problem more fully.

Locals of Tocache have also called on the Ministry of Agriculture to declare a state of emergency due to the floods and droughts that the region has been suffering, in part due to this year’s El Niño phenomenon.

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