La Victoria nightspots must close at 3am.

All commercial establishments in La Victoria (a district of Lima) where alcoholic drinks are sold and consumed must close at 3am on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, according to a new law.

The council order affects discos, karaoke bars, pubs, snack bars, salsa clubs, folk music bars, and restaurants that serve alcohol. It further rules that they must close at midnight from Sunday to Thursday, and that steps must be taken to prevent underaged access.

Proprietors are also now obliged to have clearly visible signs stating “Sale of alcoholic drinks to under 18s is prohibited” and “Take care of your life and others’. If you have been drinking, don’t drive.”

The new law comes into force today, and those who break it will be subject to fines and possible closure.

La Victoria is home to popular salsa clubs such as Kimbara and Tumbao.

One Response

  1. Most clubs here in the states close at 3…but there are some after hours clubs…you have to bring your own booze though.
    They sellyou the mixers and ice.

    Smiles and world peace,

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