President aims to use Amazon zone to beat Chile in economic growth


“I have said, and I shall say again that fraternally, caringly and in a sportsmanlike manner we are going to beat
 This year our Chilean brothers have grown 4% and we have grown 8%, so we have already started,” said President Alan García at a press conference at the Palacio de Gobierno. The occasion was a ceremony on Tuesday to hand out scholarships for university students.

García stated that with intelligence, and without the need to win newspaper headlines, Peru will beat Chile in terms of growth.“We look to our neighbor with suspicion, with headlines that look for problems, but you win with intelligence, God has given us more than a neighbor, but you are just looking to the neighbor, and that’s called a complex, and
Peru isn’t going to win while it has complexes. No sir,” said the head of state to those present.

All the same, García did mention that Chile surpasses Peru in wood exports with annual sales at around US$2.5 billion per year, despite not possessing a single hectare of the Amazon basin – against the 63 million hectares of wooded land that our nation possesses.

He assured those attending that the challenge is to attain a better use of natural resources. For this reason, he said that the scholarships that the government is handing out to Masters’ students will help to train the future professionals that the country will need.

He said that Peru needs forestry engineers, agricultural experts and cattle scientists in order to take advantage of the millions of hectares of forest and use them to enhance development.

2 Responses

  1. which commercial interests have paid him off?

  2. any development means more economy, which is what presidents often like

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