Miraflores mayor speaks out on kidnapping case

Miraflores mayor Manuel Masías today called on police authorities to increase their efforts to ensure that the district is safe for locals and tourists. He was commenting on the recent kidnapping of an Argentine woman, who appears to have been abducted last night as she took a taxi from Lima’s international airport to Miraflores along the beach circuit route. 

“The disappearance of a tourist is not a minor incident; it is a serious occurrence that has a damaging effect on public safety and on tourism. This must not go unnoticed,” he stressed. He said that if Miraflores municipal security service Serenazgo had not stopped the driver who had been transporting the tourist when the believed kidnapping took place, there would have been no report. 

“Valuable minutes were lost because the driver did not make a report, he only did so on the insistence of Serenazgo agents. Later investigations have shown that the tourist was headed for Miraflores, apparently aboard an unofficial taxi from Jorge Chávez airport.” For this reason, he demanded that the national government and other local authorities take steps to formalize taxi service from the air terminal. 

He also demanded that the Corredores Turísticos project be implemented, to offer security to tourists arriving in the country. He also commented on the proposal by the National Chamber of Tourism and restaurant and hotel association AHORA to create a Tourist Protection Unit to ensure that travelers make it safely from the airport to their destination in the city of

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