Police seize prescription drugs en route to USA


Authorities at the postal service storage center have seized more than 25,000 antidepressant pills and other medications that were to be sent illegally to the USA by mail.  The drugs involved are tranquilizers Diazepan, Alprazolam (“Xanax”) and Fenobarbital as well as Darvon and Viagra, which were being sent in letter envelopes. Their sale is restricted in the USA, and they can only legally be obtained with a doctor’s prescription. 

Postal customs agents seized 100 envelopes labeled as letters, but which actually contained a total of 25,552 pills. Their suspicions were alerted when they found a number of letters sent from different post offices and to different addressees, but all addressed in the same handwriting. 

They believe that the drugs were being sent to supply an internet sales company of the type that often use “spam” junk mail for publicity, and that the packages were being sent directly to buyers. Exactly one year ago a similar operation resulted in the seizure of medicines bound for the USA and Canada.

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