Taxi driver a suspect in kidnapping case

After giving a contradictory statement to police regarding the kidnap of his passenger, taxi driver Miguel Angel Ramírez Hernández (23) is being investigated by the Criminal Investigation Department. Reports suggest that he pinned the time of the kidnapping at 9pm, two hours after he was supposed to return his vehicle to the taxi company.  

The driver went last night to the Miraflores police station to make a statement regarding the kidnap, which occurred when he was taking an Argentine tourist from the airport to a Miraflores hotel, using the beach circuit route. 

According to police sources, the Ramírez’ testimony is inconsistent and contradictory, particularly in light of interviews with staff at the hotel, who told police that they had no guests or reservations from people fitting the description he gave. 

An investigation is also underway into the kidnapping of Chilean businessman Cristian Augusto Sufán Gonzáles (33). According to the Vehicle Theft Department of the National Police, he was victim of assault and theft of his white Mitsubishi SUV, licese plate PIZ-022, along with two PCs and other items of value.

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