Archbishop and President say no to abortion


The arch-diocese of Cusco has set aside this Saturday for a pro-life march, with the tag line “Let’s be the voice of the voiceless.” Archbishop Juan Antonio Ugarte told press today that the protest aims to defend life throughout its process, from conception through to old age. 

Therefore, he said that the march is not just against abortion, but also against any kind of manipulation in reproduction, contraception, euthanasia, and any act that goes against life at any stage in its development. The march is being organized as a response to the invitation by the Holy See to celebrate March 25th as Day of Christ Unborn, coinciding with the date recognized by the Catholic Church for remembering the annunciation and the incarnation of Jesus. 

The Archbishop invited the people to gather for “The March in Defense of Life”, which will start at 9:30am at the Alameda Pardo and run along Av. El Sol to the Plaza de Armas. In other news, the president today reiterated his opposition to abortion for any reason (in the debate over therapeutic abortion), while favoring better sex education and the promotion of contraception.

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