Colonial mansion slum housing in Rimac to be restored

The Italian Peruvian Fund has signed an agreement to donate 2.6 million soles to the Rímac local government to restore the facades of ancient mansions that are considered historic monuments but are now used for housing by the very poor.

The colonial buildings are currently inhabited by 8,100, living in squalid and overcrowded conditions and generally excluded from society. The “Rímac Rebirth” Project is also sponsored by the United Nations Development Fund, and aims to help those living in the region attain a respectable quality of life.

The ceremony was attended by local dignitaries and the Italian Ambassador, and took place outside a building on jirón
Chiclayo that is slated for restoration. It has been bought up and the twelve families who lived in it relocated to more comfortable accommodation.

Further projects are underway to determine ownership of the ancient buildings, many of which have been legally abandoned and are now home to families of squatters.

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