Consumer rights strengthen in Peru

State consumer protection body INDECOPI received more than 12,400 complaints in 2006, and the sector that received most of them was banking services, as the body stated yesterday in a report made to mark the International Day of the Consumer. According to INDECOPI, Peruvians now value their rights as consumers more than they did, as reflected by the increase in complaints to its two consumer protection commissions.  

Other sectors that received a large volume of complaints were those of transport of passengers (both air and bus), education, cell phone companies and domestic goods retailers and repair firms. Today INDECOPI will hold a fair at the Jockey Plaza to tell consumers about their rights through various media, including a short play written especially for the event. The fair will move to various parts of Lima, finishing next Thurday at the Plaza San Miguel. 

The state body has also put together a pocket version of the Consumer Protection Law, written in clear and simple language, that will be distributed free of charge. Children will also receive story books about consumer rights.

The Bean will shortly be meeting with INDECOPI officials to put together an English-language information pack on your rights while in Peru.

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