Yesterday’s drug busts: 2.5kg pure, 70kg base cocaine

Carte Blanche — Drug cartels benefit from the actions of judges like Ramos 

In a rural area of Ayacucho department yesterday, a police intelligence investigation led officers to three basic laboratories making base cocaine from coca leaves. The labs were destroyed, along with 70kg of base cocaine, 700kg of precursor chemicals, and 7 tons of dried coca leaves that were being processed at the time.  Postal investigators also seized a total of 565g of refined cocaine that they found in 26 letters being sent from a company in Los Olivos to different international destinations.  At the airport, a Peruvian was pulled aside as he entered the security zone, on suspicion of being a drug mule headed for
Brazil. His hand baggage was found to contains over 2kg of pure cocaine.

The day’s counter-narcotics haul in Peru has a US street value of around $20 million.

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